Athlete Performance

The monitoring of athlete competition performance trend is a contributory factor in determining the success of Aiming 4 Gold (A4G) in achieving Australia's Winning Edge (AWE) outcomes at benchmark events. 

The performance score sheet gives an overview to athlete performance in both domestic and international events. The Performance Score Sheet highlights an athlete’s qualification score. Athletes who have competed in at least three Shooting Australia endorsed events within a twelve month period appear on the score sheet.

A twelve-month rolling AVERAGE identifies the average of the five highest qualification scores over a twelve-month period.

Only those athletes eligible to represent Australia at an Olympic Games are listed on the Performance Score Sheet. 

ISSF – Able Body
Pistol    Rifle     Shotgun (May 2017)

ISSF - Para-shoot

Pistol   / Rifle (May 2017)

The ISSF produces a World Ranking on the first of each month. Athlete rankings are based on three parameters – the event (only Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cups including Final), the athlete placing (1st to 20th) and the qualification score the athlete achieved at any of these events ISSF World Ranking



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