Shooting Australia Officials Update - September 2017

Articles | Thursday, Sep 21, 2017

SA Technical Official’s Accreditation RPL Process Underway

Since the last officials update we’ve had Kerry Waller leave the team here at Shooting Australia. Kerry worked diligently alongside the sport’s technical officials, assisting in the delivery of events and development of the SA Technical Officials Accreditation. I’d like to thank Kerry for all her hard work and the contribution that she made to the sport and its officials.

In recent time the SA Technical Officials Course has been presented to the Member Bodies and can be found on the website here. Thanks to all within the Technical Official’s community who played a part in developing the plan and getting it to this point.

The next stage in the process has been recognising all the officials who have been actively involved in ISSF officiating in the past year. We are making our way steadily through this process and ask that all who are yet to complete the process do so by the 26th of October.

If you feel that you meet the criteria as an active and experienced ISSF Technical Official and are yet to receive an email with directions to complete the RPL process, please contact [email protected] to help you work through the process.

EST Course

Through our Technical Committee we have communicated the upcoming ISSF EST Course to be conducted in Brisbane on the 27th, 28th and 29th of October. A reminder that all interested in attending the course need to confirm their involvement before the 30th of September.

To be eligible to attend you must have at least an ISSF B Judge’s License and have completed the National EST Course.

Sharon Reynolds will be assisting with the delivery of the course and has graciously made herself available for those in Brisbane looking for assistance leading up to the course. Contact the office if you require her contact details.

Commonwealth Games NTO’s and SSV’s

With any concerns regarding NTO or SSV positions please contact GOLDOC directly to discuss. Please forward all queries to [email protected].

License Renewals

The ISSF License renewal process is well underway. If your license is expiring please fill out the relevant forms for your discipline at the links below and return to the office ASAP.

Shotgun including eye test

Pistol/Rifle (Judges)

Recognition of Currency

There is an opportunity to ensure a much faster turnaround time on when you receive your new license card. This would also reduce the costs both to officials, in passport photos and postage, as well as the international postage charges covered by SA.

To do so it is recommended that all photos are provided in a digital format. ISSF require the picture to be in portrait orientation, on a light coloured background and in 300dpi. To ensure your photo is 300dpi take your photo with a camera rather than with your phone. Your phone only shoots in 96dpi.

SA Officials Shirts

SA Officials are expected to wear the black SA Officials shirt when officiating, if you haven’t received one or need an additional shirt please let us know your size and a mailing address and send to [email protected].

Rolling Calendar

The Shooting Australia rolling calendar is regularly updated with events and links related to upcoming events, if you would like to add an event please forward all relevant details to [email protected].

If there is even anything I can do to be of assistance please don’t hesitate to call or email me at the office and make sure to say hi if you see me at the range.


Jaime Drumm


Community Development Officer

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