Commonwealth Games Test Event - Selection Criteria Delayed

Articles | Friday, Feb 3, 2017

This is a short note to provide you with an update on the Selection Criteria for the Commonwealth Games Test Event to be held from the 30 October to 7 November 2017.

At this stage, the event will combine both the Commonwealth Shooting Federation (CSF) and Oceania Shooting Federation (OSF) Championships.

The Selection Criteria is in its final draft, however, we cannot release it just yet. There are a number of reasons for this, but the major one is that we are still waiting for the Oceania Shooting Federation to confirm that the OSF Championship will indeed be a part of this combined event. As a result the OSF have not agreed to the program and so we cannot release the selection criteria as we do not know which events will be conducted (namely Junior and Senior) and this will impact the final selection criteria.

Despite this delay, I can confirm that, as detailed in the Shooting Australia 2017-2020 High Performance Selection Strategy released in December 2016, the first few selection events for the 2018 Commonwealth Games will also double as selection events for the CSF/OSF Championships. I have listed these events below for your convenience: 





Full Bore

Selection Event 1

VAPA ISSF State Titles

Yackandandah, Vic

10-13 March

TRA National Champs

Wingfield, SA

12-17 April

Sydney Cup 1


10-12 Feb

Australia Cup 1, Belmont Qld

5-6 Nov 16

Selection Event 2

PA ISSF Nationals

Cessnock, NSW

9-16 April

Adelaide Cup

Wingfield, SA

7-10 Sep(Event 1)

VCTA ISSF State Champs, Melbourne, Vic

12-14 May

Australia Cup 2, Belmont Qld

29-30 April 

Selection Event 3

NSW Amateur Pistol Assoc. Grand Prix


18-20 August

Adelaide Cup

Wingfield, SA

7-10 Sep(Event 2)


State Carnival

Belmont, Qld

7-9 July

Australia Cup 3, Belmont Qld

19-20 June 


Thank you for your Patience and understanding and as soon as we can confirm the Selection Criteria for the Commonwealth Games Test Event (I.e. CSF/OSF Championships), we will.
Adam Sachs

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