Shooting Australia's Final Two Athletes Nominated

Media Releases | Monday, Jul 4, 2016

The matter of Mitchell Iles’s nomination was referred back to the Shotgun Selection Committee of Shooting Australia for determination in accordance with the 2016 Australian Olympic Team Shooting Nomination Criteria.

Following the decision of CAS last week, Shooting Australia reconvened its Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee after considering the selection criteria, the relevant facts and data within the selection timeframe, and the findings of CAS, have upheld its decision to select Michael Diamond and Adam Vella. “We have expressly considered the topic of Youth Development with the 2020 Olympic Games in mind and we have reconsidered all of the data available to us at our earlier meeting which spoke directly to the selection period.”

Having reconsidered all the relevant data the selection committee would nominate Michael Diamond and Adam Vella for Men’s Trap.

However due to the ineligibility of Michael Diamond to be nominated under the AOC selection and nomination criteria, Shooting Australia have nominated Adam Vella and Mitchell Iles for selection to the shooting section of the Australian Olympic Team.

“With our last two athletes nominated we are looking forward to supporting and focusing on Adam, Mitch, and the other 16 athletes as they prepare to represent Australia in Rio” said Shooting Australia chief executive Damien Marangon.

Shooting Australia wishes to thank the athletes for their patience and dignity through this process.

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