Shooting Australia Media Release – Australia's Winning Edge

Media Releases | Thursday, Sep 1, 2016

Shooting Australia acknowledges and supports the position taken by the Australian Sports Commission regarding the "Australia's Winning Edge” program.

Australia's Winning Edge is a bold strategy designed to ensure that sport continues to challenge itself and remains committed to being better tomorrow than it is today. Like all strategies it needs to be monitored and its outcomes measured, and the statement from the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) today acknowledges this, demonstrating the ASC's commitment to ongoing collaboration in ensuring that sport in Australia retains its sense of pride and purpose.

Australia's Winning Edge among other things increases the level of accountability, reporting, and responsibility expected of all sports. Shooting Australia CEO Damien Marangon said today, "We understand the responsibility that comes with the privileged position of using taxpayer dollars to invest in our current and future stars. We take that responsibility seriously. Australia's Winning Edge places more focus and accountability with sports to do the right thing, and we welcome the greater level of scrutiny on us as a sport under this strategy."

Marangon continued, "Australia's Winning Edge came at a great time for our sport. It allowed us to accelerate already-planned improvements and changes that the sport of shooting needed. Australia's Winning Edge has been more than just a high-performance strategy for the sport of shooting; it has given us an immediate mandate to make significant improvements to governance, policy, and structure. It is an empirical fact that our high-performance results have improved in the last four years and we have delivered more World Cup medals, World Championships medals - and an Olympic Games Gold Medal,  something our sport has not been able to do for more than a decade. There is no doubt that some things can be done better. However the negativity aimed at athletes, administrators, and the national sporting ambition is quite frankly counterproductive."

Shooting Australia supports the comments of the ASC Chair John Wylie who this week said Australia’s sporting organisations need to be “collectively focussing our energies on continuing to build”, and feels that the public discussion that has taken place regarding Australia's Winning Edge has been troubling. Shooting Australia hopes that all Australians - including those in privileged positions - can use today as a catalyst to begin positive and constructive dialogue on how we work together to achieve great things.

Shooting Australia looks forward to a bright future for the sport.


This original media release that was issued by the ASC regarding Winning Edge principles and further reforms, attached here.

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