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Articles | Friday, Jan 1, 2016

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and found the opportunities to spend quality time with the most important thing in all of our lives, our family and friends.

Well here we are, 2016, an Olympic and Paralympic Year. A year that will be filled with joy and sadness, of triumph and tragedy, but whatever happens in August and September in Rio, we know we will be proud of the individuals that have earned the right to represent our great country. I wish everyone all the best as they chase down their dreams in 2016.

Team Announcement & Awards of Excellence
In conjunction with the Australian Olympic Committee and Australian Paralympic Committee we are going to be publicly announcing our nominees on Friday 8th April in Sydney. Once every four years the eyes of Australia and indeed the world are focussed on our sport and we have to do everything we can to make the most of it. For this reason the format of our Awards of Excellence is being altered to be a stand up cocktail function in Sydney, so we can maximise the exposure of these announcements and the related media, partnership and stakeholder opportunities. The delivery of this style and type of event will be another major shift for our sport in terms of thrusting the sport of shooting into the mainstream. Information on our Awards of Excellence will be released very soon, so go to our website for further information

Marketing and Communications Manager
You would have all seen that Shooting Australia is currently recruiting for this position. Unfortunately our current Manager in this space, Sunita Miranda is moving on to greener pastures and we wish her all the best. Sunita has done a wonderful job for the sport of shooting and has been instrumental in improving and elevating the standing and positioning of our sport and brand. If you are interested in this unique opportunity or know of someone who would be, please direct them to our website for further information or click here for the job description

Whole of Sport Governance Review
This review continues to move ahead at a rapid rate thanks to the guidance of Suiko Consulting. Currently Member Bodies are being asked to provide a range of critical documents such as Constitutions, Strategic Plans, Business Plans, Financial information, Organisational Structure and key policies so that Suiko can analyse and evaluate the current state of play within our organisations. In February, Suiko will be interviewing a range of individuals across different States and Territories to seek further detailed information. In addition to this there has also been a feedback survey developed to gain key information from Clubs, State Associations and Member Bodies. These surveys have been distributed to Member Bodies and all Clubs and State Associations should have received these. The collaboration and input so far into this review has been excellent and I thank you all for your time and energy on this critical piece of work.

Events Manager
Shooting Australia has recently announced the appointment of Catherine Berry to the position of Events Manager whose primary responsibility is to be the Shooting Manager for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Catherine brings a unique and highly developed set of skills to this role which sees her perfectly placed to ensure the delivery of the shooting events at the Commonwealth Games are World Class. Catherine is on secondment from the National Rifle Association of Australia and we thank them for their foresight and openness to entering into a relationship that sees Catherine be able to fill this role for the sport of shooting. For further information on this appointment and this role please go to our website.

I wish you all the best for 2016 and in particular I wish those vying for Olympic and Paralympic Team Selection all the best as we enter a critical part of the selection process.

Damien Marangon
Shooting Australia CEO

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