Elite Athletes with a Disability

Paralympic Program | Friday, Jan 22, 2016

In Australia, disabled shooters seeking to represent Australia at the IPC Championships and / the Paralympic Games are required to be sport rifle members of their local shooting club. The club needs to be registered with their State body, and, in turn the National Federation, which is a Member of Australian International Shooting Limited (AISL).

The National Federations who are members of AISL, are:
Target Rifle Australia - for Small-bore Rifle and Air Rifle
Pistol Australia - for Pistol, including Air Pistol

Shooters are then able to compete in specific competitions for disabled shooters.

Competitors may be able to compete in local able bodied competitions conducted by their local clubs, depending on the State. There are four specific domestic competitions each year that are conducted in conjunction with able bodied competition, these are the rounds of the Australia Cup Series. There is also a National event for both Rifle and Pistol member federations of AISL.

Competitions are conducted under the rules issued by the International Paralympic Committee for the Disabled and International Sport Shooting Federation.

Shooters need to be classified, to be eligible to be selected for the High Performance squad. This can be organised through your State Disabled Sport Association or contact the Manager of the HP squad for details.

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