CEO Update - March 2016

Articles | Friday, Apr 1, 2016

What an exciting time for our sport and in particular the athletes who are awaiting their selection to the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Olympic Team Announcements

I want to start my update this month talking about the Olympic Team nomination, selection, and announcement process. There have been some comments made, articles written and online conversations where people are spreading misinformation or are simply not across the full facts and details.

The Shooting Australia Selection Panel met on Friday the 11th of March. The job of this Panel, which is chaired by a former Chief Magistrate, is to select the best team possible as laid out by the published nomination criteria. We have left this criterion on our website and I encourage anyone who wants to read the Nomination Criteria to go and read it. As you will see when you read it, the selection window was not from the 1st of July 2015, there is no mention of anything called a PQS and in fact this does not exist anywhere in our policies. Most importantly, there are many factors and data that the selectors utilised to make their decision not just benchmark scores. The Panel did not make decisions based on history, age, emotion, friendships or bias. They made a decision based on integrity by following the said selection criteria closely.

The process of selection and nomination requires Shooting Australia to nominate to the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC). The Team is then formally selected, ratified, and announced by the AOC. So for those who think we have been secretive or have misgivings about promoting our nominations this is not the case. It wasn’t, as has been suggested, because we don’t want to promote the selected athletes for fear of appeal or disagreement, it is quite the opposite.

We have written to all athletes who are to be nominated and to every shadow squad athlete who has not been nominated asking them to be discreet. The truth behind this is twofold.

Firstly athletes who have not been nominated have the right to appeal and we owe it to these athletes to allow this process and their appeal to be conducted properly and confidentially as per the AOC Team Selection By-Law.

Secondly because Shooting Australia is working extremely hard with the AOC to create a formal team announcement unlike the sport of shooting has ever had before. The Australian Olympic Committee is announcing the full shooting team to the media. This maximises our exposure and positioning as a sport. It showcases the sport of shooting in Australia to the Nation and the World in a way we could never undertake alone.  

I encourage you all to get behind our athletes heading to Rio. The only way they will shine is if we allow them the opportunity to focus in on what they must do between now and then.

Awards of Excellence

The Shooting Australia Awards of Excellence is shaping up to be a cracker of a night for our sport. Off the back of the Olympic Team Announcement we will be hosting our Awards of Excellence at the AOC/Museum of Contemporary Arts Building on Friday the 8th of April. We will be introducing and awarding the Ashley Adams Perpetual Trophy for the Athlete of the Year. The Athlete of the Year is voted by their peers as the fairest and best athlete of 2015. This award is a wonderful tribute to Ashley Adams who we tragically lost in 2015. Ashley was not only a great competitor but exemplified the spirit, behaviours, and culture that we expect from our athletes representing the green and gold.

The event will culminate in the presentation of our Olympic Team and Paralympic Team nominees, in front of family, friends, and dignitaries. We have had a wonderful response to our event from everyone including key people from the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Olympic Committee and Australian Paralympic Committee. It will be a great night for shooting in Australia and I encourage you to watch our social media for updates if you can’t make it.

New Shooting Australia Board Member

Shooting Australia is delighted to announce the appointment of Catherine Clark to our Board.

Catherine is an experienced Board Director, CEO, and Senior Executive with previous roles in Australian and New Zealand Governments and leadership posts in national and international sports organisations.

She is an accredited AICD Company Director and her career shows an extensive track record of delivering nation-wide results in government, the not-for-profit sector, and commercial ventures. 

Catherine excels at leading change and innovation. She has personal experience in leading several successful, large and small, change management projects in both non-profit and commercial organisations.

 Catherine is the current CEO of Netball Queensland and has also previously held the role of CEO of Gymnastics Australia.

Whole of Sport Governance Review

The Governance Review being conducted by Suiko Consultancy is now moving out of its research and questioning phase and into one of findings and recommendations.

Suiko will be presenting at the Members Forum on Saturday 9th April in NSW to discuss their preliminary findings with the Presidents, Executive Officer, and key representatives of each of the Member Bodies.

These findings are the result of 35 interviews, 32 surveys from State and Member Bodies and 227 surveys from Clubs. These findings are based on feedback from every discipline and from every state and Territory across Australia and we look forward to hearing them.

 This review is focussed on finding efficiencies and effectiveness within our sport and we are confident the process undertaken will deliver this.

Final Word

I would like to finish by asking you to get behind our athletes representing Australia at the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games. Consider their individual journeys and sacrifices along the way to be the best of the best of our sport. Their job now is to deliver world’s best performances. Our job (yours and mine) is simply to provide them with the environment and support to do this.


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