CEO Update - April 2016

Articles | Tuesday, May 3, 2016

There is so much great stuff happening for and around our sport, it is quite unbelievable. An Olympic Announcement, a first for our sport; media coverage like we have never had before; Institute of Sport Programs for the first time ever; athlete performances that are world class and so much more. I will deliberately keep each point short but I encourage you to read them because there are wonderful things happening for the sport of shooting. If you want to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Olympic Team Announcement

For the first time ever the Australian Olympic Committee and Shooting Australia delivered an Olympic Team announcement event. In The Rocks in Sydney. In front of TV, print, and radio journalist. Attended by media from across the country. It was a special day with the AOC formally announcing 16 of our 18 Rio bound Athletes. This was not only a special day for our athletes but for our sport. The media that this generated, and that is still being generated as a result, is like nothing we as a sport have seen before. It was a magic moment when days later I was in an airport and saw that one of the news stories circulating on the big screen was of a shooting athlete. I know this was replicated at airports around Australia as I received multiple text messages confirming it. Read more here!.

Institute of Sport Programs

In another first for the sport of shooting we have confirmed “in principle” agreements from the South Australian Sport Institute and the Victorian Institute of Sport, that from 2017 we will be a partner sport. This is a historic moment for the sport of shooting. For the first time ever we will go from never having a full institute program … to having one for each of our three disciplines. This is truly significant. It means that these Institutes for the first time ever want to partner with the sport of shooting. It also means the level of investment in our discipline programs will increase significantly. This level of partnership and resourcing not only gives our athletes a better chance to achieve their dreams and goals but it also demonstrates the way the sport of shooting is now being viewed. It was explained to me, when being told of the news, that we had not been offered a program in the past because it was believed that shooting did not have the culture or capacity to be high performing. Thank goodness this view of us has now changed!

Whole of Sport Governance Review

After months of collaboration, interviewing, surveying, and data collection, the whole of sport Governance Review findings have been delivered.  Suiko Consultancy, the external group tasked with completing this, delivered their report to the Steering Committee on Thursday 28th of April. The Board of Shooting Australia now has the arduous task of reviewing this report to determine how to best tackle and deliver the outcomes and recommendations that are outlined. Shooting Australia will be making this report and supporting document from the Board of Shooting Australia available. The findings were based on the input of more than 300 individuals across every State and Territory and across all shooting disciplines. Most importantly data forming the recommendations have come directly from the grass roots of our sport with 227 Clubs completing the survey. Stay tuned for this report.

Awards of Excellence

On the afternoon of Friday 8th April Shooting Australia held its annual Awards of Excellence. This event was different to previous awards. It was designed around the announcement and then presentation of the Australian Olympic Team and Australian Paralympic Team Nominees. During the evening we were able to celebrate all athletes nominated to go to Rio equally and it was wonderful to see our Olympic and Paralympic Teams share the stage along with coaches and support staff. We also awarded the first ever Ashley Adams Perpetual Trophy for the fairest and best athlete which was won by James Willett. The event was a huge success for our sport and further proof of the overall improvement of our positioning, brand, and credibility as a main stream sport. It was wonderful to share the evening with Rio bound athletes, their families and friends, but also special guests such as AOC President John Coates, APC President Glenn Tasker and ASC Director Kathy Bates. Read more here!.

Marketing Co-ordinator, Digital

At the recent Members Forum on Saturday 8th April we reached an “in principle” agreement with Member Bodies to pursue the position of Marketing Co-ordinator, Digital. This position is critical for our sport as we endeavour to do everything we can to leverage off the momentum of the Olympics and Paralympic Games later this year. There is general agreement from everyone in the sport that we do not do enough to raise the awareness and promote the sport of shooting in Australia. In fact a key outcome of the whole of sport governance review is just this. So Shooting Australia is proposing a shared role with our five Member Bodies. The outcome—to work closely with our Member Bodies at a grass roots level to communicate to their members, and the public in general, all things great about the sport of shooting. Currently the five Member Bodies collectively have less than 2,000 Facebook followers and less than 120 Twitter followers. We need to do more in this space and we are hoping we can share each other’s stories, wins and experiences. It is now over to the Member Bodies on this one.

High Performance Policy Review

Hopefully you have all seen last week’s information relating to our planned review of our high performance selection policies for 2017 - 2020. We have been discussing with Member Bodies for more than a year the need for us to do a full review at least every quadrennial of all of our Selection Policies. An important element of this review is that we are looking to introduce a longer term quadrennial view for our sport. If we create or at least formulate the philosophy behind our policies with a four year view, it may mean that what is used in year one and two might not be used in years three and four. For example if the stated outcome of these policies is to deliver Olympic Medals, it may mean year one and two have more of a developmental focus, whereas year three and four may start to focus on athletes who have proven their ability and capability to deliver the required outcomes. The idea behind making this review public is to ensure we gain the ideas and solutions from anyone interested and not just the few who sit in relevant positions. It may be a Mum or Dad voicing a great improvement that has not been considered before and so we want to hear from them directly. Read more here!.

I would like to end this month like I did last month by encouraging everyone to get behind our athletes. We just had a wonderful World Cup in Rio, the test event for the Olympic Games, where we won a Gold and Silver medal, we had two further athletes finish in the top six, another athlete shoot off for a final six and two other athletes narrowly miss the finals. This is a wonderful result for us as a sport and as a country and it shows we are on track to deliver when it counts. What our selected athletes need from us now is support, excitement, trust, and empathy. They don’t need negativity and division. So please like mums the world round say “if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!”

Let's get behind our brilliant athletes as they focus in on the ultimate prize.




(photo - all our shooting Olympic and Paralympic athletes coaches and staff nominated to go to Rio minus Jennifer Hens wearing Peltor Earmuffs generously sponsored by 3M)


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