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Articles | Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015

Dear Member Body Directors and Executive Members,

I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy New Year. I hope that you have all had some wonderful times with your family and friends and it is a great reminder for us all to ensure we keep our priorities in order as we head into an Olympic year.

Whole of Sport Governance Review
This review continues to move full steam ahead and I will ensure that every month until this review is completed there will be an update to keep all stakeholders informed. In December the Steering Committee went to tender for this piece of work and received a number of applications. I am pleased to announce that Suiko Consulting was the successful business led by the extremely well-credentialed Eugenie Buckley. For those wanting more information on Suiko, I encourage you to go to their website at

As a result of selecting Suiko Consulting, we have been able to move to the next stage of the review, which is the review of key documentation from Shooting Australia and our Member Organisations. This includes documents such as Constitutions, Strategic Plans, Structures and Key Policies. The co-operation of all of our Member Organisations in ensuring that we will deliver this review on time, but more importantly, with the full collaboration and input required, will ensure that our sport achieves the holistic outcomes this review is aiming to provide.

Olympic Selection 

In my last few reports I have encouraged all athletes and coaches to ensure they have read the selection criteria to be nominated to the Australian Olympic Committee for selection to the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games. The selection events nominated in the criteria are now upon us and I would like to wish all athletes the best as they chase their dreams. These selection events allow athletes to pick themselves, so I look forward to seeing the outstanding results in the coming months.

Olympic / Paralympic Team Announcement & Awards of Excellence
Shooting Australia is working closely with the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) to co-ordinate the announcement of our Olympic and Paralympic Teams. The event we are discussing with the AOC and APC offers the sport of shooting a significant media opportunity that we are focussed on maximising. In order to make the most of this opportunity that we are given once every four years, it may see us shifting the execution of our Awards of Excellence to fall in line with this announcement.

This event is shaping up as an exciting and proactive move for us to further position and promote the sport of shooting as a mainstream, viable sport in this country. The proposed date at this stage is Friday the 8th April, in Sydney, however there is still much to work through, so stay tuned for further information on this thrilling initiative.

I wish you all the best for 2016, may it bring you great joy and satisfaction.

Damien Marangon
Shooting Australia CEO

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