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Articles | Sunday, Nov 1, 2015

Dear Member Body Directors and Executive Members,
The Month of November has been an extremely busy and successful one for our sport.

Oceania Continental Championships

The 2015 Oceania Continental Championships have just been completed in Sydney and Australian Athletes performed remarkably well. The wash up is that we have qualified 18 quota places for the Rio Olympics in 2016, four on the open market and 14 from a possible 15 at the Oceania Continental Championships.

This number is one more than we qualified for the London Olympics and will ensure we send a team to Rio that gives us the best possible chance of returning the sport of shooting to the medal dais.

It is important to note that as per the selection policy we do have the opportunity to move one quota place from one event to another. So it is now over to the athletes, because the truth is that it’s the athletes that select the team based on their performances. The published policy further reinforces this, with the ability for athletes to automatically qualify themselves. I wish all athletes the very best of luck.

Sporting Clays Australia
I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Sporting Clays Australia (formerly Field and Game Federation Australia). They have undertaken some significant work on modernising their association, re focussing their position and branding which has resulted in the change of their business name. This change to their name shows clear intent as to who they are and will allow them to focus on creating the next generation of Australian shotgun champions. Such a significant shift is not without some pain, but the courage and leadership shown by this business and their leaders to take this positive step is a great one in their history.

AGM and Members Forum
In November, Shooting Australia conducted its Annual General Meeting and Members Forum. The input, discussion and collaboration shown at this meeting was by far the best we have had as a group working collectively to try to make our sport better. The following were significant items that were covered and discussed through these meetings;

-    Strategic Plan – The revised Shooting Australia Strategic Plan was discussed and broadly accepted. This high level strategy document sets a new direction for our sport and the business of Shooting Australia. This document is available on our website As a result of accepting this direction, the meeting and Board of Shooting Australia have now begun the process of defining the success measures that will allow us to measure our progress against the key elements of this plan. We will then publicly report against these key success measures in the future once they are finalised.

-    Participation – It was agreed that a whole of sport participation survey to identify the barriers as to why people don’t participate in our sport, or don’t participate more often in our sport is vital. In order to do something meaningful to increase membership and participation at grass roots level, we must first understand the real barriers that exist. In my last two updates I have made it clear that the area of participation and recruitment has not been the responsibility of Shooting Australia and we are no longer going to just leave this to our Member Organisations, well this strategy and survey is an example of how we intend to now be an active contributor to whole of sport participation and membership growth for our sport. I encourage Clubs and State Associations to ensure they have up to date member and past member contact details to ensure that when asked by their Member Organisation, they can share these details to ensure that their members have input into this critical piece of work.

-    Media – The topic of the promotion and positioning of our sport was discussed at great length. There was general agreement from the meeting that we needed to do more in this space together, as we are not maximising on all of the opportunities that exist. As we enter an Olympic year it was agreed that we needed to work more closely to ensure we make the most of this pinnacle event for our sport. The Meeting agreed to look at some different solutions to address this problem including the capacity of Member Organisations to deliver in this space and the possibility of us collaborating or pooling a resource to increase our exposure.

-    Aiming4Gold Funding Initiative – This initiative was created by Shooting Australia in 2014, to mobilise our Member Organisations in the pathway space and ensure that more was being done to identify, develop and foster the next generation of athletes. The information shared at the meeting demonstrated some of the tremendous work being done my Member Organisations in this space and showcased that this investment is starting to produce results. Shooting Australia and the Member Organisations are committed to continuing to work together in this development space to ensure that we create sustainable and successful athlete pathways.

Whole of Sport Governance Review
This review into our sport continues to progress. I would like to congratulate the following Member Organisation representatives who have been appointed to the Steering Committee to oversee this review; Rod Sampson (TRA President) and Shawn McEachin (PA Sport Administrator). This Steering Committee has already met, finalised the tender document to appoint a consultant and gone to market. It is planned that the consultant for this review will be interviewed and appointed by the Steering Committee prior to Christmas.

2016-2024 Performance Case
In November Shooting Australia presented to a large panel of Australian Institute of Sport and State Institute of sport representatives. The major discussion at this meeting was around what high level changes did the sport need to make in order to contribute to national performance targets at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and beyond. The main areas discussed were around the centralisation of daily performance environments, the need for more quality coaching in terms of National Development or Junior Coaches and importantly better aligning with the Institute of Sport Network around Australia.

A significant outcome from the meeting was the opportunities that now exist with some of our disciplines to have programs based out of Institutes. This alignment could mean a significant boost for our sport in terms of access, resourcing, capacity and capability across all areas needed to deliver a world class program. It was made clear to us that these opportunities and these discussions are only now happening because of the shift our sport has made in terms of governance, strategy, policy and management that gives potential partners assurance that we will do the right things and not be a risk to their business and their reputation.

Good luck to Rifle athletes competing in the first of our designated “trial” events in Adelaide next week.

- Damien Marangon, Shooting Australia CEO.

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