Interview with Dane Sampson

Interviews | Friday, Dec 11, 2015

Dane Sampson has had an excellent month on the national and international circuit. Here's a bit more about one of Australia’s up and coming rifle shooters.

You have had a good last month of shooting, with a PQS at the AISL Grand Prix and at the World Cup in Munich. This must give you some good confidence?

The first PQS at the GP in Sydney was more of a relief than anything. Straight after the comp, I just thought "about time" because I had done it in training many times! In Munich, shooting the PQS was a definite confidence-boost and the PB in 3P was a nice finish to the week.

How much does it help you to be around some of the more experienced shooters such as Warren Potent?

It was good travelling with Robyn and Warren. They have done the trip many times before, which meant I didn't need to worry anything and just followed them. Of course having them around with their experience is handy, though I do like to experience things myself. I find it's the best way to learn.

The next Aus Cup is in Brisbane. Does competing in your home state help you in any way?

Having the Aus cup here is great. It saves me a lot of money and I train there all the time so I know what to look for with the conditions. Being familiar with the range is always helpful.

Looking ahead long term, what goals have you set yourself as a shooter?

Firstly I intend on winning a quota at the Oceania Championships. Then after that I will know if I have a chance of going to the Olympics.  At the world cups next year I want to get a medal or at least get into a final. 

Then as long as I'm going, at the Olympics of course I intend to win. But most of all I want to be able to say that I earnt myself the chance to compete there.

For the shooting fans out there, tell us something that maybe most people don’t know about you? Whether it’s a superstition, a habit or something you like to do away from shooting?

I have a habit of making my sandwiches too big to get my mouth around. I don't like clowns and I do like Vegemite on my pancakes.

- AISL Media, July 2011

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