Aiming4Gold (HP Plan 2013-16)

Aiming4Gold | Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015

Executive Summary
Aiming4Gold (A4G) is Shooting Australia’s (SA) high performance approach to target and focus on athletes to win shooting events that matter to Australia. A4G’s ultimate goal is to deliver on Australia’s Winning Edge (AWE) strategy, specifically Olympic / Paralympic / Commonwealth / World Championship medals.

AWE has given opportunity to revamp the SA high performance system. Titled Aiming4Gold (A4G), our high performance system is committed to implementing BEST PRACTICE in all aspects of the development, leadership and management of athletes, teams and coaches. Through an holistic, systematic approach which fully utilises the capacities and experience of athletes and coaches in decision-making and program development, A4G aims to set world-class standards of management practice in high performance sport.

A4G Vision
A high performance system where champions are inevitable.

A4G Philosophy
A4G is based around an ATHLETE-NEEDS FOCUS, COACH CONDUCTED, SERVICE ENRICHED and PERFORMANCE DRIVEN philosophy. A4G is guided by a “what’s in the best interest of the athlete to perform” as the over-riding principle.

A4G High Performance Goals
2013 – 0-1 medal (WCh).
2014 – 3-6 medals (CG), 0-1 medal (WCh), 0-1 medal (EAD WCh).
2015 – 0-1 medal (WCh).
2016 – 1-2 medals (OG), 1-2 medals (PG).

A4G Strategic Priorities
A4G focuses on a number of clusters that must work collaboratively to achieve a desired performance. These clusters or critical success factors can be summarised as:
1.    The athlete who is the focus of our approach;
2.    Our values which guide our decision making process; 
3.    Our coaches who are the architects of the process;
4.    The leadership displayed through our coaches, support staff and administration;
5.    The quality and consistency of the daily training environment for our athletes;
6.    The domestic & international competition exposure for our athletes;
7.    Research & innovation to enhance performance;
8.    Our partnerships with our member bodies; and
9.    Continuous performance review to ensure we enhance our strengths and learn from our mistakes.

1.    Athlete
To ensure the quality and quantity of our athletes achieve sustained AWE targets 2012-22, A4G will
•    Implement a new HP squad structure.
•    Create athlete performance plans.
•    Monitor athlete progress to these plans.
•    Formalise the high performance athlete & coach pathway.

2.    Values
To ensure A4G athletes achieve AWE success combined with a balanced approach to their personal development, A4G will drive the following values:
•    Continuous performance improvement.
•    Performance with integrity.
•    Individual & collective responsibility.
•    Openness & mutual respect.
•    Innovation.
•    Leading through quality.

3.    Coaches
To ensure the A4G coaching network and culture is capable of driving a sustained contribution to AWE targets 2012-22, A4G will
•    Create individual performance plans for National Coaches.
•    Create individual performance plans for personal coaches.
•    Up skill and conduct coaching courses to contribute to AWE targets.

4.    Leadership
To ensure the A4G leadership and culture drive a sustained contribution to AWE targets 2012-22, A4G will
•    Create an individual performance plan for the HPM.
•    Create an A4G Leadership team and ensure it achieves its performance measures.
•    Ensure the High Performance Committee achieves its performance measures.

5.    Daily Training Environment
To ensure access for all A4G athletes to the quality and quantity of performance support to achieve AWE targets 2012-2022, A4G will
•    Monitor development support needs and performance progression of A4G athletes
•    Formalise service provision and access to facilities for A4G athletes

6.    Competition
To ensure all A4G athletes meet performance expectations at competitions that are appropriate for their individual development and which contribute to achieving sustained AWE targets 2012-2022, A4G will
•    Ensure the competition calendar meets the needs of the A4G program.
•    Work with athletes to meet individual benchmark event competition performance targets.

7.    Research & Innovation
Till a competitive edge is created, A4G will
•    work towards mastering the “basics” pertaining to the program. 
•    utilise the latest technology is accessible to coaches (video analysis, performance databases).
•    Commit to an applied research and development where possible.
•    Disseminate latest research information to coaches that has performance impact potential.

8.    Partnerships
To develop and maintain key partnerships that contribute to achieving sustainable AWE performance targets 2012-2022, A4G will
•    Formalise a partnership with the ADF
•    Ensure the Oceania Championships retains ISSF recognition
•    Establish key partnerships with the AIS and SIS/SAS network
•    Establish key relationships with the ACGA, APC and AOC
•    Develop key relationships with member bodies.

9.    Continuous Performance Review
To identify both strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the program, A4G will
•    Continually assess athlete performance results in relation to projected performance and opposition performances.
•    Continually monitor world trends.
•    Continually assess the effectiveness of the athlete daily training environment, athlete servicing and athlete engagement within this environment. 
•    Evaluate all aspects of the A4G on a yearly basis (post World Championships), including the makeup of the A4G squad seeking input from all key stakeholders - the athletes, the National Coaches, the HPC, and service providers.

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