Aiming4Gold Funding Initiative

Aiming4Gold | Thursday, Dec 10, 2015

In late 2013 Shooting Australia launched a new initiative titled the Aiming4Gold Funding Initiative. The aim of this program is to assist Member Bodies in designing and delivering outcomes that contribute to high performance targets as defined in ‘Australia’s Winning Edge’ (AWE).

This initiative is seen as a critical driver in creating a seamless development pathway for athletes to rise from club and state level shooters up to elite international competitors. It is clear that the mandate for Shooting Australia is to be focussed on high performance outcomes, however these can only be achieved if Member Bodies who are solely responsible for their sport at the grassroots level, continue to foster and develop athletes capable of future international success.

In the first year, four programs have been granted funding and those organisations and a summary of their programs are listed below.

Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) – National Coaching & Development Program “ACTA Academy”
The program will include the employment of a National Coach/Coaching director (NCD) to oversee the “ACTA Academy” and manage the development pathway from State through National and International level for coaching and coach development and accreditation.

The coach will be responsible to the Executive Officer and chairman of the coaching committee for planning and delivery of the National development program and oversee the delivery of coaching accreditation courses in each State. The NCD will be responsible for Talent ID at National championships as well as working with Shooting Australia's Coach for shotgun shooting.

An integral component of the position will be to work with potential shooters mainly with athletes aged over 15 years (but not exclusive to) in the “ACTA  Academy” with the drive and ability to progress to an elite level at ISSF, Trap, Skeet & 5 stand sporting. (Attached National Junior camp application)

The coach would be available to assist and collaborate with Shooting Australia to ensure the objectives as agreed are achieved.

National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA) – Aiming for International Success (A4IS)
The NRAA currently are driving the “Aiming for International Success” (A4IS) High Performance program to ensure that we maintain the elite level of Full-bore rifle shooting. Our aim is to promote and enhance the shooting ability and outcomes at the Commonwealth Games and bench mark events. Our High Performance pathway structure allows NRAA to provide structured performance indicators to allow Shooting Australia full and transparent measurables. Our key goal is to ensure the NRAA identifies and develops elite shooters, to ensure sustained success at major international events.

Pistol Australia (PA) – National Youth Squad
At its September 2013 Meeting, the Executive Committee of Pistol Australia approved and adopted a new policy and associated budget (the Pistol Australia National Development Squad Policy) designed specifically to address the task of raising the performance levels of Pistol Australia's competition shooters and aimed particularly at younger people. 

This policy, replacing earlier documents, dovetails very closely with the aims of the project outlined in this application. The implementation of the National Youth Squad will incorporate the identification and ongoing Development of young athletes with the potential to achieve at a high level, capable of representing Australia at International competition.

To support the program's vision and aims, Pistol Australia will identify and employ a National Coach who will work with and be mentored by Shooting Australia's High Performance Coach. The conduct of 3-4 targeted camps each year will allow the development of both the National Coach under the direction of the HP Coach and the identified athletes. The regular conduct of the camps will allow for longer term planning for skills development, fitness requirements, support networks and incentive systems.

The implementation of these strategies as set out and expanded on in the application will result in a larger group of young pistol shooters with the capacity to represent Australia, the expansion of coaching capability and the strengthening of ties between Pistol Australia and Shooting Australia through the delivery of the National Youth Squad.

Target Rifle Australia (TRA) – National Development Team Program
There is currently a gap in the development pathway for promising smallbore and air rifle shooters. Whilst Shooting Australia has responsibility for benchmark international events, it is up to TRA to identify shooters with potential and to develop them to the point where they become eligible for Shooting Australia's High Performance Program.

It is a stated objective of TRA that there should be a development pathway for such shooters. Without such a development pathway, TRA fails to support its promising shooters and also fails to deliver candidates for the Shooting Australia High Performance Program.

The establishment of the National Development Team Program under this initiative will be guided by the following principles;
1) The pathway should be clearly described, so that all shooters are aware of what is available, what the objectives are, and what they must do to participate.
2) The selection criteria must be fair and transparent.
3) Training/coaching must be consistent and continuing, with extensive communication between shooter, coach and TRA National Coach.
4) The TRA development pathway must mesh well with Shooting Australia's High Performance Program so that TRA delivers the calibre of candidates that Shooting Australia is seeking.

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